PROYECTA offers specialized engineering services in the renewable energy fields, primarily Solar Photovoltaic energy.  Designing and optimized projects, effective procedures, “Project Management”, and tailoring of customized O&M plans.

We provide our clients all our experience and knowledge for the development of projects, to achieve the highest energy performance from renewable sources.


Optimized dimensioning and designing of self-consumption projects for the industrial and residential sectors. Leaders in the implementation of distributed generation plants.

PROYECTA has customized software tools used for the dimensioning of self-consumption photovoltaic plants. Our designs include component parts from the most reliable and best value for money brands in the market.  Our methods, experience and expertise guarantees the maximum efficiency for self-consumption projects.

Monitoring and control

ProyectaPV is PROYECTA’s technological services site.

ProyectaPV is not just a monitoring platform, it is also a comprehensive and customized site which provides advice, guidance, and monitoring and control services, for an optimized management of our client’s renewable assets.

Additionally, our service offers an adapted solution to manage the Pool & PPA schemes of energy sales.