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Advantages of monitoring renewable assets properly

Investing in renewable assets can be a great option, but once the investment is made, how can you ensure optimal performance?


Renewable asset monitoring platforms are, increasingly, the preferred option for owners, O&M operators or investors of renewable plants, since being able to monitor a plant can grant them a series of advantages in the day to day of the project:

Being informed of everything that happens: power generated failures and breakdowns, revenue generated, etc.

Ensuring the performance of the plants as much as possible, by controlling the facilities, preventive and corrective measures that will make the plants run the longest period of time and with the least possible interruptions.

Saving costs by direct contact with the operators in maintenance tasks, reducing downtimes and making facilities more


Gaining more control over the income from the sale of energy and being able to benchmark expected and actual revenues,

collecting data in the face of possible future claims.

Getting first-hand precise information to report to banks or investors with all the data they require (PR, ratios, etc.)

Being able to collect data comprehensively in order to verify guarantees and have potential information when claiming  insurance or sellers of installed in cases of underperformance.


In summary, monitoring renewable facilities properly can provide much-needed safety in investments, maintaining the performance of assets, reducing costs and supporting any action with a complete data history.



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